Dr (hc) Angela Murray DHP acc.

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As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, I have been fascinated by the power of the mind for as long as I can remember. Both in my own life and through my work I have seen firsthand how patterns of behaviour programmed deep within the subconscious can have life-changing impacts on the way you see the world. My passion lies in walking with you step by step so that you can reprogram these patterns, feel free and at peace deep within, and fulfil your full potential in a way that makes you smile. 

My Approach 

Clinical hypnotherapy is based on a set of proven, well-studied, and robust techniques that allow you to reconnect and reprocess areas of your subconscious. These could be past events from early life, the aftermath of long-buried trauma, or even a dream or memory that plays over and over in the background. The truth is that the nature of these experiences is personal and unique to each and every one of us, which is why I never judge or use a one-size-fits-all approach. 

By getting to know how your mind works, what you have experienced, and where you want to go in the future, we can go on a journey of growth and recovery together. The result will be a life in which you feel greater control, joy, and contentment than you ever thought possible. 

My Advice

Hypnotherapy is a deeply personal journey that is different for each and every one of us. That means comparing progress, results, and aftereffects between two people is not always the most helpful thing to do. 

As your therapist I would always advise taking things one session at a time, celebrating each step forward, and staying motivated about the path you still have to travel. While you will feel results after your first session, there is no shame in realising that you still have things you want to work on. It’s part of being human and it’s this sense of openness that will allow you to get the most out of every single session. 

Your Next Step 

Reaching out and connecting is the bravest thing you can do at this stage. It may not always feel easy or comfortable, but just by doing it you’re investing in yourself and committing to living the life you deserve. 

When you are ready, I’m always right here.