Session Duration: 1 hour (approximately)

Session Cost: £55 ($75 USD approx)

Session Location: Online Video Call (Zoom)


Understanding where your feelings are

Feelings of apathy can be perfectly natural from time to time, but they also have the potential to fill what feels like every available moment. This can leave you feeling empty and uneasy which is not something any of us would find easy.

By connecting with my Hypnotherapy For Apathy video call service you can take the all-important first steps that will allow you to rediscover where your feelings lie:

  • Process Your Emotions and discover what’s stopping them coming to the surface

  • Understand Yourself so you can be kinder and more forgiving when you feel this way

  • Grow Again as you embrace things in life that used to make you smile

Connect today and you’ll be taking a first step you can be truly proud of. You may not feel like it will change anything right now, but when you look back on this moment you will take pride in who you are.