Session Duration: 1 hour (approximately)

Session Cost: £55 ($75 USD approx)

Session Location: Online Video Call (Zoom)


Helping you heal and move forward

Everyone has a past and everyone deserves the chance to live free and at peace. What happens during our early years can shape so much of the rest of our lives, which is why having the courage to reach out and seek help is one of the bravest things you can do.

By connecting with my Hypnotherapy For Childhood Trauma video call service you can embrace a safe space that will invite you to:

  • Speak Openly about thoughts, feelings and memories you may have buried for years

  • Process Emotions that you’ve been holding back so you can come to terms with them

  • Move Forward at your own pace as you get the support you need to heal and grow

Connect today and you’ll be taking the first step towards the rest of your life. What you’re doing is brave and inspiring, so never lose sight of that when you walk your journey.