Session Duration: 1 hour (approximately)

Session Cost: £55 ($75 USD approx)

Session Location: Online Video Call (Zoom)


Helping you fill in the blanks

The mind is a complex thing that needs love and care to work optimally. Forgetting what you did last night, or where you put your keys, may seem like common things but that’s not to say you can’t do something about them.

As part of my Hypnotherapy For Gaps In Memory video call service I can help you nurture your mind in a way that allows it to work freely and help you fill in the blanks:

  • Improve Your Memory so you can keep track of the little details throughout the day

  • Fill The Gaps which seem to punctuate your day and leave you feeling frustrated

  • Understand Your Mind and how it processes new information and experiences

Filling in the gaps in your memory is a proven way to get more from life. When we work together you’ll be able to get to the root cause of what seems like everyday forgetfulness and start to really get the most out of your mind.